Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy allows diseased or injured patients to begin rehab earlier than traditional land-based therapies. This returns the patient to optimal levels of functioning sooner in the rehabilitation process.

Phased Progression: The Evolution of Physical Therapy

Synergy Therapies uses its own one-of-a-kind system of aquatic physical therapy called Phased Progression. In conjunction with traditional land therapy, this system is based on a set of inclusive criteria that justifies the use of aquatic therapy for the patient. If the patient qualifies for aquatics they will start their aquatic program in the phase that is most appropriate for their condition. Customizing their care is our top priority.

Each phase is designed to fully harness the healing principles of water and to maximize the patient’s full rehab potential at that particular time. Each specific diagnosis has its own unique protocol tailored for the patient.

As the patient progresses in their rehab, so does their aquatic program. Before their aquatic discharge, the patient must pass their own customized Aquatic Functional Test(s). This will determine their readiness for a safe transition to exclusive land therapy.
Aquatic therapy will accelerate your rehabilitation program faster than traditional land therapy and allow you to get back to living a more functional and satisfying life.

Warm Water/Human Body Principles

  • Buoyancy—allows the person to move a body part with minimal effort while supporting the rest of the body and decompressing the joints
  • Hydrostatic pressure—compresses deeply submerged body parts to increase balance and help eliminate unnecessary body fluids
  • Viscosity—increases resistance to moving body parts directly proportionate to the person’s efforts
  • Warm water—allows for the immediate shunting of blood to all joints and muscles to “oil the engine” for motion without “grinding”