Aquatic Classes

Instructor: Jessica Tarantola – Aquatic Specialist

Please note: Classes are subject to cancelation at instructor’s discretion due to lack of attendance or class participation. Punch cards are available.

Why Water Exercise?

Aquatic exercise can help relieve the many day to day pains or symptoms with which many people live with including everything from Fibromyalgia to Low Back Pain and relieving arthritic pain and stiffness. There are many reasons why aquatic exercise is beneficial, including:

  • The soothing warmth and buoyancy of warm water make it a safe, ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain and stiffness
  • Immersing in warm water raises your body temperature, causing your blood vessels to dilate and increase circulation
  • Water exercise is a gentle way to exercise joints and muscles
  • Water supports joints, encouraging freer movement, and may also act as resistance to help build muscle strength


“Water exercise is aerobics, yoga, tai chi and massage all in one body-friendly package.”
- V. Carl Jelley, M.D.


Consult with your physician before participating in warm water exercise if you have any special medical conditions such as: lung or heart disease, circulatory problems, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, skin irritations or any other serious illness.