Land Therapy

Land is where we live and function, so all therapy regimens will end there.  Land-based physical therapy is where healing meets function.  As soon as the patient is able to understand the therapeutic exercises in the forgiving environment of the pool, they will continue their progress on land.

Land therapy is usually initiated at the onset of care pending the patient’s current level of functioning and tolerance.  Land-based exercises will be incorporated exclusively as soon as the patient can tolerate the physical demands that their lifestyle will bring.  

Synergy Therapies of Kansas City offers the following Land Therapy services:

  • Light therapy—for cellular healing of tissues
  • Hivamat 200—for tissue mobility, pain alleviation, flushing of swelling & edema
  • Electrical stimulation—for neuromuscular re-education and pain alleviation
  • Game Ready unit—cold and compression machine for superior remediation of pain/swelling
  • 3-D traction/decompression table—for back and neck problems
  • Soft Tissue Release Therapy—a hands on superior soft tissue treatment to help release adhesions that cause acute and chronic pain syndromes due to faulty body mechanics, surgery, or mechanical injuries
  • Spinal & peripheral joint mobilization—a highly effective and gentle approach to the management of neuromusculoskeletal conditions: one of the cornerstones of modern manual therapy