Pain Management

Our Mission

To assist patients in altering their belief that their problems are unmanageable and beyond their control.

To inform patients about their specific condition.

To enable patients to become active problem-solvers to help them cope with their pain through the development of effective ways of responding to pain, emotion, and the environment.

To help patients monitor thought, emotions and behaviors, and identify how these are influenced by internal and external events.

To give patients a feeling of competence in the execution of positive strategies in the management of their condition from water to a land-based environment.

To help patients develop a positive attitude with regard to exercise and personal health management.

To help patients develop a program of paced activity to reduce the effects of physiological deconditioning.

To assist the patient in developing coping strategies that can be continued once contact with the clinician has been established.

To challenge and reduce patient’s fears of engaging in physical activity.

To reduce physical impairment and capitalize on recoverable function.

To increase physical activity in a safe and graded manner.

To help patients accept responsibility for increasing their functional capacity.

To promote a positive view of physical therapy in the self-management of a healthy lifestyle.

To introduce challenging functional activities to rehabilitation.