Phased Progression

Phased Progression

Phased Progression training provides 20 hours of accredited continuing education units. Combining traditional land-based therapies with innovative, proprietary aquatic therapies, the Phased Progression system has proven to accelerate the rehab process by fully harnessing the healing properties of water to maximize the patients rehab potential.

Progression One: On-site Therapist Training

  • Conduct pre-training orientation and experience assessments of staff therapist
  • Issue Phased Progression training manuals and DVD
  • Conduct an intensive, in-water training program covering the Phased Progression treatment protocols for upper, lower, and spine musculoskeletal disorder
  • Award 20 CEUs following course completion
  • Establish the process for incorporating Phased Progression protocols into the documentation process and billing system
  • Establish key indicators for determining productivity goals

Progression Two: Operations

  • Reinforce change management strategies to ensure long-term changes in culture of car
  • Review productivity targets established in the initial phase of operation
  • Provide monthly communication with therapy team to review treatment protocol
  • Conduct training programs to review Phased Progression protocols and introduce new warm water applications for therapeutic procedures
  • Provide follow-up training through shadowing Phased Progression therapists
  • Provide CEU training